Who We Are

Quantum Renewable Energy Inc.Quantum Renewable Energy Inc. is a full-service renewable energy company located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We provide all aspects of system setup, including:

  • initial consultation
  • resource assessment
  • system design
  • regulatory submissions
  • system installation
  • ongoing customer support

What We Do

What We DoWe specialize in:

  • Switch Kingston
  • CanSIA
Quantum installes its 1 millionth watt

Quantum Renewable Energy hit the 1 megawatt mark yesterday. The company is currently working of a 500 kW FIT job in the Westport area. Quantum is developing an expertise in the Small FIT sized projects. This complements the years of experience we have in the microFIt space.

Quantum Installs 200 kW FIT system June 21, 2012-07-17

Quantum jumped into the FIT world this spring with the installation of a 200 kW FIT project for the City of Kingston. Over 900 modules were installed on 3 roof tops!

FIT 2.0 is up and running July 17, 2012

After many months of waiting , the OPA has relaunched the highly successful Microfit program. The new rate paid for roof top projects is 54.9 cents per kWh and 44.9 cents per kWh for ground mounts.

Equipment costs have dropped significantly as well, so the payback on a roof top system is still attractive at roughly 6-8 years. This gives you a 12 to 16% return on investment…better than mutual funds!

Make money with Photovoltaics. Let Quantum Renewable Energy show you how.

Quantum Renewable Energy is still accepting clients for the 2011 PV installation season.  We are a full service company that can guide you from application to connection. If you already have a MicroFIT contract we can design and install a system in a matter of weeks. Inner city, or in the country, we’ll find a system that fits your needs, looks good, and makes you money.

We install roof mount and ground mount systems in a variety of sizes and configurations, including a proprietary seasonally adjustable ground rack that takes advantage of our cold, clear Canadian winters to increase your output.

Take advantage of our experience – we are one of the oldest photovoltaic companies operating in Kingston and the Islands, and we service and install PV and solar hot water from Picton to Brockville. Call us today at 613-546-2326 to see how we can work together for a sustainable, solar powered future.